Does the API work? Contest

for the Auction House API

The Auction House API was down for.. a long time. We had a friendly contest to guess when it will come back.

Participants would log in with Battle.Net, then pick the date and time when they thought the first auction house updates will return, for US and for EU. Each guess is valid for both regions. They could change their guesses once per hour.

The two people (one for US realms, one for EU realms) who first came closest to the correct time without going over can log back in here to receive a $20 Balance code, just to keep things interesting.

We had 1,244 guesses from 922 players during the contest.

On Feb 14, 12:49pm UTC, ThatDudeRyan#1205 guessed Feb 14, 7:30pm UTC. US Kel'Thuzad was the first US realm to get auction data at 7:51:11pm UTC, so ThatDudeRyan#1205 won the US contest!

On Feb 7, 8:34pm UTC, Sorax#2674 guessed Feb 14, 7:29:37pm UTC. EU Area 52 was the first EU realm to get auction data at 7:56:42pm UTC, so Sorax#2674 won the EU contest!

The winners should log in below to find instructions on claiming their prize. The winners each have the choice of receiving a US or an EU Balance code worth $20 USD.

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